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December 18,2014

Last night Nicki Minaj  was on  Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen.

Twitter went crazy with saying that there was another possible nip slip.

You be the judge…above is a pic from last night with Andy Cohen and Nicki Minaj.

Was there another wardrobe malfunction or nah?

Either way Nicki Minaj album The Pink Print is out and available now…CLICK THE LINK BELOW TO LISTEN TO  AND DOWNLOAD!

The Pinkprint (Deluxe Version) – Nicki Minaj (CLEAN LYRICS)

The Pinkprint (Deluxe Version) – Nicki Minaj  (EXPLICIT)

TARA REID, MARSIELA LUSHA, KAYA JONES AND SCHEANA MARIE (EXCLUSIVE ARRIVAL VIDEO) AT Ashley Fox Presents “Color Me Foxy” the Official Starlooks Pro/HD Cosmetics Launch Party

NOVEMBER 3, 2014

Tara Reid (American Pie), Masiela Lusha (George Lopez “TV Series”), Kaya Jones (The Pussycat Dolls) and Scheana Marie (Vanderpump Rules) each made a one day appearance for the 5 day Ashley Fox Presents “Color Me Foxy” Starlooks Pro/HD Cosmetics official Launch Party  for their own product line, which took place october 29 thru November 2 at Stonewood Center in Downey, CA.

The 4 beauties (Tara Reid, Masiela Lusha, Kaya Jones and Scheana Marie) where there with all smiles and  so excited for the launch of their new Cosmetic products. They signed autographs, posed for pics with their new products, mall shoppers and with STARLOOKS founder and creator Marci Star.

Fans were in shock of the celebrity appearances and crowds began to form and mall shoppers waited in line for makeovers, autographs, photos and gifting bags that included some of StarLooks Pro/HD Cosmetics.

Skinny Executive founders, Enrique Godoy Ynzenga and Alan McCune made their surprise appearance and greeted mall shoppers and signed autographs for the published book: Annabella and the Secret of Mirrors by author Alan McCune.

Check out more photos below:

Enrique Godoy Ynzenga AND Alan McCune

Founded in 2005 by Marci Star, STARLOOKS Pro Cosmetics has rapidly taken over the West coast and become a staple for both makeup pros and novice consumers alike. Now STARLOOKS offers this one-of-a-kind in-store experience for shoppers and media to try their unrivaled products and meet the incredible celebrities who have proudly partnered with STARLOOKS to create their own unique products.

STARLOOKS Pro-cosmetics brings to the world of beauty the newest revolutionary pigments and vibrant shades. With the launch of celebrity signature lines, STARLOOKS brings everyday consumers the celebrity experience.

Customers were able to purchase the newly launched signature lines, get makeovers and touch-ups by professional makeup artists, enjoy sponsored Diabolo beverages, and take fun and funky photos in the Fotopod booth inside Ashley Fox during the event.

Lucky customers received gift bags with some favorite products including: Spa Towells, Diabolo, Panty by Post, and of course, STARLOOKS Cosmetics.

An Additional 20% off was given in-store for Ashley Fox products.

Stassi Slapped the truth out of Kristen! Vanderpump Rules Season 2

Vanderpump Rules Season 2 had me tuned in from the beginning all the way to the last reunion for the season. The whole season seemed like someone was either lying about something or cheating on someone and the worst of it all is that everyone working at Sur Lounge was all supposed to be friends. Well at least friends enough to not disrespect and betray one another by sleeping with their friend’s boyfriend or girlfriend.

When Stassi (acting-Private Investigator) heard that her Ex boyfriend Jax was rumored to have slept with her friend Kristen, she did not stop digging for proof until she got the truth. The whole time Kristen lied and swore she would never betray her friend Stassi and that the thought of sleeping with Jax was diqusting. When Stassi confronted Kristen for the umpteenth time she already knew that Kristen was going to continue to lie about it and Jax had already confessed to Stassi the truth. So in the confrontation things escalated and Stassi could not stand to hear Kristen lie anymore and in an blink of eye Stassi back handedly slapped the shit out of Kristen which was so shocking and hilarious at the same dam time. Check out the slap in a clip below.